Rhythms of Self Care

This Valentine’s is a day that I hope to share a compassionate gift with ya’ll that was passed onto me. Years ago, I struggled with the idea of self-care being a set aside scheduled event. I had friends who would schedule a pedicure weekly and that for them was the “only restorative activity” they claimed to need. I found myself needing much more. Each day there were events that depleted all the energy I had. I would go from visit to visit, client to client each being found in the midst of the most difficult seasons in life. After work, I would find myself carrying the weight accumulated of those hurts and pains I had witnessed throughout the day. It was the quickest way for me to not only experience compassion fatigue but burnout! I found myself losing my sense of care, until I learned the truth about self-care.

Self-care is about a natural rhythm you weave into your day to restore and keep your “cup” full. This reference to a cup is alluding to a former colleague of mine, Chaplain Hoffman, who would share the importance of the cup metaphor. If you were to think about it, when you wake up in the morning you may find your “cup” being half full. You may not have gotten a good nights rest, you may be worried about the meetings you have ahead of you. Each of those things, has the ability to “bump” your cup. If your days are like mine, there are events that sometimes not only bump your cup, but just straight up pour it out. So much of myself I give, which has the potential to become a harm to myself, unless I intentionally pour back into my cup. This is where the rhythms of self-care began to breathe life into my soul.

God has created you as resilient being. You endure so much every day, that sometimes the greatest compassion is one where you allow yourself 1 minute to breathe. Maybe between your meetings, you take a brief walk. Maybe its that cup of coffee that breathes such contentment and joy into your soul. There are activities that you each engage that bring life to you. But before you learn what these activities are, it is important to be mindful and aware of those activities that do the opposite…that “bump” your cup. This Valentine’s, I hope today you not only receive the love and compassion from your community, but that you take a moment, and foster the rhythm of care for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Rhythms of Self Care”

  1. Grace B says:

    My cup gets “bumped” often and I need quiet contemplation to restore my soul. Thank you for your insight. Need to be more intentional about refilling my cup.

    1. Nici says:

      Thank you Grace for your comment and engagement. In the quiet I hope it breathes peace into your mind and soul. Refilling my cup is something I personally have to think about daily.

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